What's on

There's always something happening at Gasoline Pony - live music, group singing, film nights, DJs, tasting evenings, more!

Unless otherwise stated, live music kicks off from 7pm (doors from 5pm). Sunday music starts from 4pm (doors from 3pm). Saturday afternoon sessions from 3pm.

Here's a pale list of the events coming soon. Check back regularly for updates or our Facebook page.



Tuesday 7th Jan - Oh Reach + Red Shift + Annie & the Electric Fins

Wednesday 8th Jan - The Holden Caulfield Experience + Resurrection Men

Thursday 9th Jan - Sugar Bowl Hokum + Bad Kitty & the AlleyCats

Friday 10th Jan - Tigers at the Edge of Time + PJ Orr

Saturday 11th Jan early - The Throwbacks + Armistice

Saturday 11th Jan - Suzy & the Snakepit

Sunday 12th Jan - Looch Lewis & The Press Gangsters + Jason Walker + PK Stoltz


Tuesday 14th Jan - Open Mic Night

Wednesday 15th Jan - Hanne Kah (Germany)

Thursday 16th Jan - Harvey Russell & Widowmakers + Mark Lucas & Dead Setters + the Salonistas

Friday 17th Jan - Fallon Cush + Sam Newtown

Saturday 18th Jan arvo - The Hokey Carmichaels

Saturday 18th Jan - Mary Heart

Sunday 19th Jan - John Kennedy's '68 Comeback Special


Tuesday 21st Jan - Dan & Pete Sing the Songs You Love + AccaPonyChoir + Shanties

Wednesday 22nd Jan - Five Band Night

Thursday 23rd Jan - Anna Smyrk Trio +  Laura & Susie

Friday 24th Jan - The Brutal Poodles + Photo of the Moon

Saturday 25th Jan early - The Martini Shakers + Beaut Utes

Saturday 25th Jan - Jozinho

Sunday 26th Jan - Chickasaw Bayou + Southern Flavour + El Guido


Tuesday 28th Jan - Open Mic Night

Wednesday 29th Jan - Five Band Night

Thursday 30th Jan - Morton Choppers + Bek Sarkoezy

Friday 31st Jan - Eamon's Crawfish PoBoys



Saturday 1st Feb arvo - Paul Hayward's Sidekicks

Saturday 1st Feb - High Lonesome

Sunday 2nd Feb - All Sing ABBA (Mumma Mia playlist)


Tuesday 4th Feb - Raising Voices w Mark Lucas + AccaPonyChoir + Shanties

Wednesday 5th Feb - Chutney + Benjamin Samuels Quintet

Thursday 6th Feb - Michegan Water + MIAU!

Friday 7th Feb - Bern-Pete-Elm

Saturday 8th Feb arvo - Out of Nowhere + Countrypolitan

Saturday 8th Feb - Elastique Mindbladder

Sunday 9th Feb - The Cleanskins + The Starlings


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