What's on

There's always something happening at Gasoline Pony - live music, group singing, film nights, DJs, tasting evenings, more!

Unless otherwise stated, live music kicks off from 7pm (doors from 5pm). Sunday music starts from 5pm (doors from 3pm). Saturday afternoon sessions from 3pm.

Here's a list of the events coming soon. Check back regularly for updates or our Facebook page.


JULY 2018

Tuesday 24th July - Walk Up Open Mic. Walk right in...

Tuesday 24th July - AccaPony Community Choir. Sing!

Tuesday 24th July - Shanties. Keep on singing!

Wednesday 25th July - Dan Marando & Peter Head Sing The Songs You Love. Piano Bar chantousery - Feeling kinda single? $7

Thursday 26th July - Matt Druery & Oscar Joe's Greatest Bits! Some top bits from these two! $7

Friday 27th July - Jex Lopez Launch + White Knuckle Fever. Dark and quirky tales plus Latin and Gypsy plus its a launch! $7

Saturday 28th July Arvo -Out of Nowhere! Swingin' retro country tunes! $7

Saturday 28th July - Rollan + the Villebillies! Rockabilly plus rock and Roll Blues! $7

Sunday 29th July - Jason Walker & Tender Mercies! Well I'm willing! $7

Tuesday 31st July - Open Mic Night. Top singer Mike!


AUG 2018

Wednesday 1st Aug - Open Band Night. Oh look this is the band night!

Thursday 2nd Aug - Los Moustachios + Lost Limbo. Having fun in Spanish! Trad mexicano! $7

Friday 3rd Aug - The Lamplighters + The Last Aurochs. Not blues not country - country blues! $7

Saturday 4th Aug Arvo - Los Romeos Oxidados! I hear those rockin' blues a comin'! $7

Saturday 4th Aug - The Duke Flames + Rogue Company. Alright for dancing! $7

Sunday 5th Aug - Big Merino! Classic rockin' pop! $7


Tuesday 7th Aug - Walk Up Open Mic. Walk right in...

Tuesday 7th Aug - AccaPony Community Choir. Sing!

Tuesday 7th Aug - Shanties. Sing/bellow!

Wednesday 8th Aug - Mindy Sotiri + Christine Jane. Witty words & poppy tunes! $7

Thursday 9th Aug - The Low Down Riders. Tuba-powers tub-thumpin' Norleans Jazz! $7

Friday 10th Aug - Equa Hey! + the Last Aurochs. Hot salsa to get your mind and body movin'! $7

Saturday 11th Aug Arvo - Paul Hayward's Sidekicks! Spaghetti & Western instrumentals! $7

Saturday 11th Aug - Gadjo Guitars. Gadjo au go go! $7

Sunday 12th Aug - The Bravados! Cry me a Johnny Rivers song! Classic rockin' pop! $7


Tuesday 14th Aug- Open Mic Night. Mic who?

Wednesday 15th Aug- Brendan Gallagher. Dipping into a great swag of songs! $7

Thursday 16th Aug- Donna Amini Launch + Wahoo Ghost. Indie imagery memorable tunes! $7

Friday 17th Aug- Johinzo! Samba summer rhumba? No just samba! $7

Saturday 18th Aug Arvo - Out of Nowhere! Swingin' retro country tunes! $7

Saturday 18th Aug - Terry Serio’s Ministry of Truth + Oh Reach + Welcome Stranger. A festival of Terry & friends telling stories in rootsy rock! $7

Sunday 19th June Early -  Soft Power! Post-rock jazz! $7
Sunday 19th Aug El Duende + The Fridays! Rockin' Indie-pop! $7

Tuesday 21st Aug - Walk Up Open Mic. I'm walkin' yes indeeed...

Tuesday 21st Aug - AccaPony Community Choir. I'm singin' - 'bout you & me!

Tuesday 21st Aug - Shanties. I'm hopin' to sing pirate songs!

Wednesday 22nd Aug - The Villebillies + Lost Limbo. Pre-loved Americana tales with a dusting of old folk! $7

Thursday 23rd Aug - Jo Meares + Michael Plater + Carl Redfern + Goldentone. Atmospheric indie tales! $7

Friday 24th Aug - Sugar Bowl Hokum + the Water Runners. Forgotten blues jems of bygone days! $7

Saturday 25th Aug Arvo - The Martini Shakers! A twanging mix of Tex-mex & more! $7

Sunday 26th Aug - Jason Walker & Tender Mercies! Still willing! $7

Tuesday 28th Aug - Open Mic Night. Mic who?

Wednesday 29th Aug - Open Band Night. Banned from where?

Thursday 30th Aug - The New Folk Club with Stewart Says. Stewart presents a varegated linup of talented local folks! $7

Friday 31st Aug - Bern, Pete & Elm. Singing the 'other' songs you love! $7

SEPT 2018

Saturday 1st Sept Arvo -  Los Romeos Oxidados! I hear those rockin' blues a comin' round the bend! $7
Saturday 1st Sept-  Steel City Sue & the Smoke Stacks with special guests + the Delegates! Original songs from, and about, ex-steel town Newcastle! $7
Sunday 2nd Sept -Roy Payne. Hot Hillbilly, Cool Rockabilly, Swinging Jump Blues and down Home Texas style guitar Boogie! $7


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