What's on

There's always something happening at Gasoline Pony - live music, group singing, film nights, DJs, tasting evenings, more!

Unless otherwise stated, live music kicks off from 7pm (doors from 5pm). Sunday music starts from 5pm (doors from 3pm). Saturday afternoon sessions from 3pm.

Here's a list of the events coming soon. Check back regularly for updates or our Facebook page.


OCT 2018

Tuesday 9th Oct - Open Mic Night. Mic who?

Wednesday 10th Oct - Open Band Night. Banned from where?

Thursday 11th Oct - Blue Plimsoul + Swamp River. Blues & Rootsy Rhythmns! $7

Friday 12th Oct - Trout Fishing In Quebec + Tigers At The Edge Of Time. Goodness! What will they think of next? $7

Saturday 13th Oct Arvo - Paul Hayward's Sidekicks! Spaghetti & Western instrumentals! $7

Saturday 13th Oct - Highfalutin + The Petrov Affair + Ionia! Folk experimental rock! $7

Sunday 14th Oct - Bob Blunt Presents: Peter Fonda, PK Stoltz, Burden Man, Wahoo Ghost, Jasmine Beth! $7


Tuesday 16th Oct - Walk Up Open Mic. Mic & guitar provided!

Tuesday 16th Oct - AccaPony Community Choir. Sing! Dig a Pony!

Tuesday 16th Oct - Shanties. Sing below & above decks!

Wednesday 17th Oct - Good Tom Wallace + The Outlanders. Reworked folk, old-time, country chestnuts! $7

Thursday 18th Oct - Jane Walker + Anni & the Elec Fins! Original alternative pop! $7
Friday 19th Oct - Queen Porter Stomp + Christine Jane. Norleans stompin' tunes - party! $7
Saturday 20th Oct Arvo - Out of Nowhere. Country-style arvo tunes! $7
Sunday 21st Oct - MarrickFest Pt.1 (2pm) - Chickasaw Bayou + Southern Gents + Accaponyony Choir! The grass is Blue & singing! $7

Sunday 21st Oct - MarrickFest Pt.2 (5pm) - The Villebillies + Not Good With Horses! Top Marrickana! Good with beer! $7


Tuesday 23rd Oct - Open Mic Night. Mic whom?

Wednesday 24th Oct - Open Band Night. Top local operators!

Thursday 25th Oct - Divina+ Katie Rosewood + Sister Ursuline. Instrumental, Rock, Classical, Flamenco, World Music & amore! $7

Friday 26th Oct - Handsome Young Strangers + Peta Caswell & the Lost Cause. Bushranger core - which genre they just made up! $7

Saturday 27th Oct Arvo - The Beaut Utes + The Martini Shakers! Shakin' Sat arvo tunes! $7

Sunday 28th Oct - The Western Distributors! Top Western AND country! $7

Tuesday 30th Oct - AccaPony Community Choir Singalong. Sing! Along! Everybody! You're welcome!

Wednesday 31st Oct -  Bleurgh! + Geoff Towner + The Jennies. Mostly dub/bluegrass but including other chestnuts! $7


NOV 2018

Thursday 1st Nov - Low Down Riders. Party time Jazz singalong tunes w Tuba! $7
Friday 2nd Nov - The Bravados! Do the shimmy! Do the boogaloo! Do the Rasberry! $7 
Saturday Arvo 3rd Nov - Chris O'Connor - Moruya to Memphis. Classic finger picking blues! & yes, Chris is on his way OS! $7

Saturday 3rd Nov - ROLLAN! Drey & co's rockin' blues! $7

Sunday 4th Nov - Fifty Million Beer! Rockin' Country with Soul!


Tuesday 6th Nov - Open Mic Night. Horsing around - top singers!

Wednesday 7th Nov - Open Band Night. Banned from where?

Thursday 8th Nov - The Real James Ryan Band + Supports. Accept no substitutes! $7

Friday 9th Nov - The Gadflys. Goodness! Trybooking?

Saturday 10th Nov Arvo - Paul Hayward's Sidekicks! Spaghetti & Western instrumentals! $7

Saturday 10th Nov - Jodi Phillis 'Becoming' Launch! Legendary Aus. songwriting & singing too!

Sunday 11th Nov (Early-3pm) - Punch Session with Paula. Arvo indie singer songwritery! $7

Sunday 11th Nov - The Dead Marines! Three top local singer/writers are more than the sum of their umm...! $7


Tuesday 13th Nov - Walk Up Open Mic. I'm walkin' yes indeeed...

Tuesday 13th Nov - AccaPony Community Choir. I'm singin' - 'bout you & me!

Tuesday 13th Nov - Shanties. I'm hopin' to sing pirate songs!

Wednesday 14th Nov - Dan Marando & Peter Head Sing The Songs You Love! My baby loves love! $7

Thursday 15th Nov - Los Mustachios + BellaDonnaGorgonzola! Having fun in Spanish! Mexican Music from the 20's - 50's! $7
Friday 16th Nov - Queen Porter Stomp + BellaDonnaGorgonzola!. Norleans stompin' tunes - party! $7
Saturday 17th Nov Arvo - Out of Nowhere. Country-style arvo tunes! $7
Saturday 17th Nov - The Djangologists + Tears for Beers! Django meets singalong 80's! $7
Sunday 18th Nov - Clutterbuck Family Quartet + Daisy and the Space Leopards! Bluegrass & Indie! $7

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