What's on

There's always something happening at Gasoline Pony - live music, group singing, film nights, DJs, tasting evenings, more!

Unless otherwise stated, live music kicks off from 7pm (doors from 5pm). Sunday music starts from 5pm (doors from 3pm). Saturday afternoon sessions from 3pm.

Here's a list of the events coming soon. Check back regularly for updates or our Facebook page.


MAY 2018

Saturday 12th May Arvo - Paul Hayward's Sidekicks! Movie tunes & amore! $7
Saturday 12th May  - Crow Janes + Family Fold. Moody indie country esky in the sky! $7


Sunday 13th May - Toot! + The VilleBillies. Some freakin' brass & chock Jesus by the roadside - snap it up! $7


Tuesday 15th May - Walk Up Open Mic. I'm walkin' yes indeeed...

Tuesday 15th May - AccaPony Community Choir. I'm singin' - 'bout you & me!

Tuesday 15th May - Shanties. I'm hopin' to sing pirate songs!

Wednesday 16th May - Dan Marando & Peter Head Sing the Songs You Love. Great American Songbookers! (no scrap)

Thursday 17th May - Frank Sultana + Morton Choppers! Rootsy tunes! $7

Friday 18th May - The Gladflys! Sing if your glad to be a fly! $25 (sould out)

Saturday 19th May Arvo - Kate Wadey. Giving jazz a good name! $7

Saturday 19th May - Andy Baylor & The Excello All Stars w' Continental Robert Susz. Juke Joint Jumpin' - the sounds of the blues in all its gritty bar-room glory! $7

Sunday 20th May -  The Bravados! FRockin' Elvis chickanery! $7


Tuesday 22nd May - Open (Confessional) Mic Night. Be yourself!

Wednesday 23rd May - Open Band Night. Fabuloso lineup!

Thursday 24th May - Another Roadside Attraction Choir! Choiristery w Good Tom! $7

Friday 25th May - The Real James Ryan Band + Lauren White + Grace Barr + Isaac. We believe Real James may really be Reuben, but the tunes are great! $7

Saturday 26th May Arvo - Nic Dalton & his Gloomchasers! Nic brings cape & tunes! $7

Saturday 26th May  - Elastique Mindbladder. THE Bladder! Some of whoom which turn 60!! $7

Sunday 27th May - The Gladflys! Sing if your still glad to be a fly! Not yet sould out maybe? Taking requests! $25


Tuesday 29th May - Walk Up Open Mic. Walk right in...

Tuesday 29th May - AccaPony Community Choir. Sing!

Tuesday 29th May - Shanties. Sing/bellow!

Wednesday 30th May - Jordan Thomas. TBA!

Thursday 31st May -  Harvey Russell + Sam Shinazzi + Peta Caswell! Indie Marrickanery! $7


JUNE 2018

Friday 1st June - Blue Plimsoul + Lamplighters.   Old styling! $7

Saturday 2nd June Arvo - No 4 Band + Terry Serio's Half Truths + Marcus Gordon. Terry's off to Paree - partee! $7

Saturday 2nd June - Drey Rollins Band + Los Romeos Oxidados. ROCKIN'! $7

Sunday 6th May -  TBC! Umm...! $7

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